Drivers, and the lack thereof…

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) plans rely on a massive bus expansion for their proposal. However, as everyone knows, there […]

Why no plan B?

The Zone has been musing about why the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) doesn’t have a plan B for the Sustainable […]

The Milan system

Cllr Elisa Meschini from the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) has stated in GCP webinars how wonderful the Milan system is. […]

When is a P&R not a P&R?

The Zone was musing over the recording of the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) West Area Community Forum webinar from 7 […]

Run a business in Cambridge?

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Sustainable Travel Zone (STZ) will impact businesses and the self-employed in and around Cambridge. Many […]

And the Survey says?

Before going any further, get comfy. Grab a mug or glass of something enjoyable. This may take a while. You […]

How much per week, month, year for me?

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) proposal for Sustainable Travel Zone (STZ) imposes a movement charge on vehicle movement within Cambridge. […]

When are 2 wheels not OK?

Cambridge has a long history with two-wheeled transport. Great things have been done to support, promote, and encourage it. The […]

Traffic levels and congestion?

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) states congestion is a problem. A fundamental problem, huge. A bold claim, but is it […]

Q. Would I get charged if?

Do I get charged to go {insert journey of your choice here} seems a common question. A picture will help […]

Is there a cheaper way?

There could be; bear with us here. Ideally, click here and have a read of the “How Much?” musing first. […]