At a recent Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) consultation event, the Zone hears that the charge would not increase “for the foreseeable future”.

Perhaps the GCP should start to read their own published information. It is there in black and white.

The charge is planned to rise.

The charge will be rising.

The Sustainable Travel Zone (STZ) charge is the sole funding source to subsidise the entire GCP proposal. If nothing else, the costs to run the bus network are expected to go up by £14 million a year from 2030.

The Zone wonders where, with a single funding source, that extra £14 million a year will come from.

The London charge for cars has risen 300% from £5 to £15 per day.

The Zone also notices that the GCP costs to run the franchise system, tendering out the routes, monitoring and managing the contracts, acting as the customer support point for the buses – are not there. Nothing. Zip. This will be a huge cost. Presumably the STZ will have to go up to pay for this. Oh goody.