Do I get charged to go {insert journey of your choice here} seems a common question.

A picture will help here, so here it is…

Lets us play a game of 4 questions.

  1. Does your vehicle have a licence plate (e.g. a car number plate)?
  2. Does any part of your journey happen between 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Friday?
  3. Is your vehicle moving on *any* road within the black line showing the boundary of the zone at any point during your journey?
  4. Your vehicle is not on the list of exempted vehicles (click here for those).

If you answered yes to all four questions, you would be charged. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter if your *leaving* the zone; your number plate will be tracked and captured if it moves anywhere within the zone.

If you have applied for and been granted a discount (click here for those), you pay according to the discount level. For example, you have registered your car’s number plate with the system as you have a Blue Badge. You will be charged, but at a discount, in this case, 100%, so there is nothing to pay.

If you can claim a reimbursement (again, more on those here), you must pay the charge and then apply to have it refunded.

Some frequent questions culled from Social Media.

Q. Will I be charged if I live close to the edge but leave Cambridge.
A. Yes, unless you are eligible for a discount, details above.

Q. I work at Addenbrookes, will I be charged.
A. Yes. In some case by case situations a journey for the NHS may be able to reclaim a reimbursement, details above.

Q. I drive a small van, like a Renault Kangoo van, how much for me?
A. A van, even as small as that, is £10 per day rather than £5 for a car.

Q. If I have an electric car will I get a discount?
A. No, there are no discounts for any zero or low emissions vehicle, except Taxis and minicabs.

Q. Is this per day or per journey?
A. The charge applies once per day. So the single charge applies for the whole of that days charging period.

Q. What is the penalty if I don’t pay?
A. That has not been published, other clean air zones in the UK have penalties of ~£150.